Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Engineering Explained: 5 Reasons Why Hydrogen Cars Are Stupid

 Sustainable transportation seems to be taking one of two routes: electric or hydrogen. Here are five reason why the latter makes no sense whatsoever…
  1. It’s not green
  2. The process is inefficient
  3. Hydrogen vehicles are too expensive
  4. The status quo is maintained
  5. Battery technology is improving 

1. It’s Not Currently Green

This is easily the most frustrating part about hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles. The whole purpose of a hydrogen vehicle is that it has no emissions versus an ICE counterpart, yet the vast majority of the energy used to create hydrogen (it’s not an available resource, it must be extracted/created using existing resources) comes from natural gas. And this isn’t going to change anytime soon, and for a very simple reason: natural gas hydrogen formation is cheap, thus it will result in lower prices for the consumer. If consumers have the option between cheap hydrogen, or expensive hydrogen created with (the wasteful use of) renewable energy sources, they’ll choose what’s cheaper.
According to the Bosch Automotive Handbook, during the process of creating hydrogen using natural gas, there isn’t necessarily a CO2 emissions advantage versus using gasoline, diesel, or natural gas in internal combustion engines. So why do it at all? You don’t need the other reasons, but I’ll include them anyway.

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